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Navajeevan Cancer Centre

I am happy because patients never come to me in the initial stage of the disease. No modern equipment’s are used for my treatment. Patients come at a much relatedstage after using all modern systems of medicine and will be very critical. Even under these remote conditions my treatments had saved the life of the poor patients.It will minimize the untold miseries and intolerable pain of cancer patients left by all modern system of treatments and they are waiting for death even from that condition a good number of patients are returning from their death and leading good life by my treatment, It is only possible with the blessing of my Gurus and the almighty apart from cancer we also cure snake bite; rabies psoriasis, piles and diabetes are also treated here...

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  • December 9, 2013

    Navajeevan Cancer Ce

    For the past 35 years, near...

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Navajeevan Cancer Centre


Navajeevan Cancer Centre
Vellayamkudy P.O.,
Kattapana,685 515
Idukki, Kerala
Ph : 04868 273338
BinoyKurien - 9048118032
Subin Mathew - 9496944998
Email -